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2 nights in CORDOBA!

wow, what a hidden gem, lovely place to stop and say goodbye to Europe!

Tuesday 29th October 13 (day 59)

Luggage on our backs we were in the metro at 10am heading to the bus station for our 11am coach departure. Today we are traveling from Madrid to Cordoba 360km to the south. The highways here in Spain are pretty good and it was all smooth sailing. Again landscape was not much and to tell you the truth I napped for the first couple of hours anyway. Again millions of olive trees for as far as the eyes could see, and also a fair amount of solar farms. Paddocks just full of great big solar panels all lined in rows. I think Australia should take advantage of the sunshine more like they do here in Europe. We have seen solar panels, both domestic and commercial, in greater use a lot more over here in the various countries than anywhere in Australia. Surely we have the same if not more sunshine?

Billboard count today, 2 toros, 2 bottles and 1 burro.

The bus stopped just half an hour out of Cordoba for our lunch break and we arrived on time just before 4pm. I had pre-booked a hotel who had advised we could get a local bus to near where they were situated. Before leaving the bus/train station I went and purchased the ticket for the next leg of our journey while Lyn sat with our luggage. We are only here for 2 nights and would save a trip back to the station to buy tickets later.

We found the correct local bus that took us to the historic part of town and supposedly close to where our hotel was. Again Lyn stayed with the luggage as I walked the narrow winding streets looking for our hotel. I returned, having no luck in finding it. A Good Samaritan shared her map and gps on her phone and we then managed to locate the hotel. Very close to where I had searched but hidden in a small square. It's a nice place, in what seems like a good location and a bargain price of 25 euros per night.

After checking in we decided to go for a little walk to have a little look around and to find the tourist office so I could get a map. No maps at the hotel.

Cordoba looks great, but as I was wandering around now and before when I was searching for the hotel I could not help but compare it to Morocco. Very similar architecture and with the same use of tiles on the walls like in Morocco. The biggest distinction being here everywhere is so clean and the obvious absence of men dressed in jellabas peering at us.

It was late in the afternoon and after our little walk we decided to leave the biggest attraction here until tomorrow, otherwise we will have nothing to do.

Returning to the hotel to put on some warmer clothes, although the days are still warm - mid 20's - once the sun goes down so does the temp. Out again for dinner at a small bar/restaurant we saw on the road near our hotel. Tried a local dish called 'flamenquin' = rolled meat, cheese, serrano ham and deep fried. Very nice, washed down with tinto de verano!


Wednesday 30th October 13 (day 60)

What a beautiful day Spain has put on for us on our last day. Beautiful blue sky with a mild temperature.

Today we walked all around Cordoba - very beautiful place. Not much to tell really just look at my photos on FB and they tell the story of our day.

I went inside the Mezquita - bit of a rip off - 8 euros entry. Don't get me wrong very impressive the size of the place and everything but after being in Morocco and Turkey a mosque is a mosque - only the size varies. And I guess the fact that this one has a whopping big Cathedral built in the centre of the mosque makes it a little different. Just goes to show there was always and will always be money in religion.

Anyway besides the mosque, Cordoba is a very pleasant place to wander around the narrow alleyways of the historic town. As I said yesterday, very similar to Morocco but as you will see perhaps in a few days time from my pictures of Morocco here is a bit cleaner.

We bought some last minute souvenirs that we just couldn't live without ie Spanish flamingo style aprons and treated ourselves out to dinner for the last night. We were planning on having paella and found a great looking place during the day today. But alas after backtracking our steps of earlier in the day we discovered the paella place was not open for dinner. Never mind we just went to the same cafe as last night and had a nice dinner there instead to say farewell to Europe.


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