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We flew from Guatemala City to Mexico City on a very early flight that departed at 7am. We had to get up at 3.30am to have a little breakfast before the free shuttle to the airport, provided by the hostel.

At the airport tried to stay calm going through the check in, which was all ok with my emergency British passport. It was not until we hit the immigration desk and I was directed to a special counter where some old dude did not speak English but I gathered from his ravings that I needed to pay a fine because I did not have that entry stamp. I tried to explain to him that the computer system was down and I was not able to get a stamp but he did not understand. Luckily for me another younger guy came along who brushed the old guy aside and took me back to the original immigration desk and told her to stamp me out! Phew!

It was a short flight from Guatemala to Mexico City with Interjet who has the bragging rights to the most leg room in their planes. I will vouch for this as I have flown with many assorted airlines and this one definitely had the most leg room I have ever experienced. Didn't see much during the flight but I did catch a photo of a couple of smoking volcanos just before we landed. Coming into land you could see just how big Mexico City is, and the pollution hanging over the top of it's 22 million residents.


Taxi from the airport to our AIRBNB.


Today is a public holiday, so could not do anything to get my paperwork started. We found a local supermarket and got some supplies in, and got the washing machine started as we intend to wash everything we own while we are here.

Public holiday in Mexico for Labour Day.


Up early and straight to the Australian Embassy for opening time at 8.30am. Completed forms, paid AUD$174.10 and was out of there within an hour. Advised to come back tomorrow morning at 10 am to collect new emergency passport. Phew, that was easy.

As it was close by we decided to go for a walk through the park. Chapultepec, more commonly called the "Bosque de Chapultepec" (Chapultepec Forest) in Mexico City, is one of the largest city parks in the Western Hemisphere, measuring in total just over 686 hectares (1,695 acres).


We had the afternoon free so decided to go find the USA Embassy to see if I could get the ball rolling for tomorrow. The Embassy directed us to the Visa Office a few blocks away. There I was advised I needed to fill in an application online, so we found internet café at an Office Depot store. 12 page form filled in, and lodged, then we returned to Visa Office to be told I needed to print out a confirmation letter. Back to Office Depot and print off the confirmation letter. All good, then I had to pay AUD$212.94 visa/admin fee to get the ball rolling. Wow, that was more than I paid for the replacement passport. No pay, no action.

I was advised to come back tomorrow at 12.10pm with my new passport.

I had done as much as I could today, so would continue with it all tomorrow.



First up to the Australian Embassy and at exactly 10am I was handed my new emergency passport. Big sigh of relief, this was a good start.

At my 12.10pm appointment at the US visa office I was advised my form was wrong and I had to go and resubmit a completely new one. Because I had chosen the incorrect lodgement office, it would not be able to be processed here unless I submitted a new form. So back to the Office Depot where I was greeting by very narky staff who were already fed up with yesterdays non Spanish request for internet time and print outs. So I just pushed in like the locals were doing and shoved the money in their faces and proceeded. New form completed, confirmation printed out, I returned to the visa office. They checked my confirmation online and all was good.

Sent to another desk where they took my fingerprints and a digital photo, and advised I had an appointment at the Embassy tomorrow at 8.30am, where the consulate would make the decision to give me a visa or not. And hopefully decide to give it to me the same day as Friday is another public holiday here for Cinco de Mayo.

Lyn & Dolly had been waiting for me in a little eat place across the street. There was a girl in there that helped them out yesterday by letting them use the loo and giving them water while I was tooing and froing with the money purse to the internet café. They wanted to return there to pay her back and we decided to have a sandwich there for lunch.

Nothing more I could do today, so we headed for the Historic Quarter to have a look around. Unfortunately this visit was dominated by the fact I had to find a place to get 5 x 5 visa photos to take to the Embassy tomorrow. Eventually I found a place, but by then we had lost interest in any sight seeing and we caught a taxi back to the apartment.



Showed up to USA Embassy for my 8.30am interview with consulate, me and 400 Mexicans. Took about an hour to get to the window, where 10 minutes later was advised all good, can collect passport with visa at 3pm today. 5x5 passport photo was not needed because of digital photo taken yesterday, Visa people should get their information organised. OMG, the relief I felt was enormous. This meant I would not have to stay longer in Mexico City waiting for the visa, I would be able to fly out to Cuba with Lyn & Dolly on Saturday.

Back at the Embassy at 3pm I collected my new passport containing the USA entry visa. Woo Hoo

We just relaxed for the rest of the day.


We have not seen much of Mexico City, as our time has been spent in Embassies and visa offices, so we caught a taxi back into the centre today to have a little look around.

It's a public holiday today Cinco de Mayo and it was pretty busy all around the Zocalo. We walked down the main pedestrian street and it was easy to imagine we were in Europe. Mexico is obviously far more European influenced than any of the other Central American counties we have been too.

We found a nice roof top bar to stop and raise a cold glass of beer in celebration of the success we had the last 3 days. Not bad a new passport and a US visa in 3 days!

We had a walk around and couldn't even find any souvenirs to spend our money on. After walking a few blocks, having a hamburger and chips for lunch we headed home.


Although it has been good to us, I want to forget Mexico City and the reason we had to come here. I think tonight our thoughts are on our next destination - Cuba.

There is a very good chance we will not have access to the internet while we are in Cuba, so you may not hear from me until we reach Miami on the 27th May.

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