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Well, here we are, day 213!

Ten countries later and we are at our last day of our 2013/14 adventure. Tonight we fly back to Australia, arriving at Coolangatta airport Wednesday morning early. Wow, what a journey this has been. Some of the earlier adventures we have had feel like months and months ago, and in fact were months and months ago, some feel like just yesterday.
There are way too many highlights to suggest any here and the low lights are trying to be stored away, lol. Actually we were lucky not to have had any really bad experiences or incidents along the way.

Lyn and I covered a lot of ground in various forms of transport and later when joined by our travel buddies Robyn and Dolly, covered even more.

Our last day was spent lazing around in our Singapore hostel but that's ok as it gave me a chance to completely catch up on my blog and even manage to type this closing blog. We did eventually venture out to find some food for lunch, but were uninspired by anything available around us so ended up with some bread and ham from the local supermarket. Good enough, we ate back at the hostel.

One by one we took a shower before it was time to carry our huge suitcase down the flight of stairs to the street and hail a taxi to take us to the airport. We left the hostel at about 7pm, giving us heaps of time as the airport is only about a 30 minute drive from the hostel. We had a really cool cabbie who we should have met 6 days ago as he had some great tips for visiting Singapore on the cheap, but all this info was too late, we were on our way home now. He did however give us a good tip for a place to eat at the airport, he told us about the staff canteen which is tucked away from all the other overpriced food outlets at the airport. The canteen is actually open to anyone and we had a decent cheap meal there before passing through immigration and heading to our departure gate.

On the way to the gate I suddenly asked Lyn where's your giant bamboo hat and discovered it had been forgotten and left behind at the hostel. Bugger - too late to get it now. I sent an email to the hostel asking them to hold onto it until our next visit to Singapore and hopefully they will do that for us. Such a shame to carry that huge bloody thing so far and then to leave it behind at the last stop.

Checking in our luggage was a calm affair, no panic there and we even had 1 kg to spare. Lucky for us they again did not weigh our carry on as we are still carrying some Moroccan ceramics that weigh more than our allocated 7kg's each I'm sure.

Our flight was called and boarded and left on time. About 8 hours Singapore to Coolangatta so I hope we get a bit of sleep during the night.


Thanks to everyone on the way who helped and or hosted us, we caught up with some old friends and met new ones we will visit again when we are in their neighbourhood. Thanks to you all who took the time and bother to read my ramblings, I got a little lost in the middle and the writing slacken off but at least some notes were made in the end.

Thanks for reading, and you will remain on the list for my next adventure unless you remove your subscription. :-)

Cheers Cindy

==SAT, 5TH APRL, 04

Just a quick check in to let you all know we made it home safe and sound. A few days back now and all has returned to normal, almost like our huge adventure is a distant memory.

I still need to buy a car and find a job, but both are in the wind.

Ideas are already forming for our next travel overseas for 2015! See you then!==

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Thoroughly enjoyed living vicariously through your blogs. Still think you have at least one (if not many!) great travel books. Perhaps that should be your new job!! Travelling that pays for itself. :)

Hope you find a car and job soon. We are heading over to Sunshine coast and then on to Gold coast later in the year so might get a chance to catch up.

by Mandy Young

Well! What a Journey Cindy! It has been fantastic reading all your Blogs and looking at the piccies. Great job! I loved the canoe in France and especially the CHEESE! The scenery in some places is awesome.
Hope to catch up sometime, give me an email. xx Hilda

by Hilda Henry

Well done bet you were ready for a rest &like you say it soon seems like a distant memory, hope we meet again some day either in Brissy or meilhan,
Love Carole, David & Billy the kidxxx
ps bar opened tonight, start of the summer season!

by Carole Harris

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