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Chillaxing on Rabbit Island - small paradise. Back in Kep exploring around on bike.


Today on Rabbit Island we did absolutely sweet F.A.

Weather was fantastic, we swam and lazed around reading all day. Caught a lot of sun yesterday so most of the day was spent in the shade.

The furtherest we ventured was to another restaurant within 100 metres for food during the day or to take a few steps to plunge into the refreshing sea for a swim to cool off. This is the life, a very lazy life but nice for a few very lazy days.

To top the day off we had a sunset massage right on the beach - bliss and what a luxury at US$7 for an hour long massage.

We had power when we returned to our bungalows after dinner, but after such an exhausting day did not last long after 9pm anyway.

SUNDAY 16TH MARCH 2014 (DAY 197)

We woke a little earlier today, after breakfast we took up position at the beach again. Wow what a habit to get into. We are leaving Rabbit Island at 1pm to need to make the most of the beautiful day we had here.

More swimming and lounging until it was time to get on the boat and wave goodbye to another paradise.

Back at the boat pier we stopped for lunch at the same place we had breakfast before going over to the island. Another good amok dish.

The transfer tuk tuk took us back to N4 guesthouse and we spent the rest of this afternoon catching up on internet and world news. Injected with a swim in the pool here at the guesthouse.

Dinnertime came round and we walked the short distance down the road to the crab market and back to The Crab Kitchen restaurant. We'd had a great meal there a few days ago and with US$2 cocktails and great food it was enough to get us back. The lady owner was happy to see us again.
Again the food was excellent - probably the most expensive restaurant we have been to in Cambodia with meals average US$7 each - but they are sooo good they are worth it. The cocktails are good too.

We caught a tuk tuk home and watched a bit of tv before bed. Tomorrow is another day we are going to explore around.


MONDAY 17TH MARCH 2014 (DAY 198)

Our hire motorbikes were delivered to the hotel at 9am as requested last night. For breakfast we headed down towards the crab market as we didn't want to get caught up in the pool and tranquil surroundings of Kep Lodge.

We rocked up to our favourite place the Crab Kitchen and although they did not actually serve breakfast the owner was happy enough to go purchase ingredients for us if we were willing to wait a few minutes. We did and it was so worth it. One of our better breakfasts of bacon and eggs and only US$3.50. The fruit shakes were good too at US$1.50.

Today we just went out exploring on the bikes, wanted to find one of the salt farms and after a bit of a tiki tour took our chance down a side dirt road and actually drove straight into one. Not much activity going on, I guess it was at the stage where they were waiting for the water to evaporate. After a bit of a walk around and a few photos we found a shed that was piled high with the white gold. Now this is salt at it's rawest state and after a quick taste, I confirmed yes it was very salty. Lyn grabbed a handful and took it away in a plastic bag, let's see if customs lets that into Australia.

We continued our ride around the back streets where the old abandon French villas were in various states of ruin or totally demolished leaving only 6 foot high very impressive stone walls and fences. We imagined this area in it's height of occupation must have just stunk of money and fois gras!! Must have been a beautiful haven for the rich. Of course they were mostly destroyed by the Khmer Rouge and the rest due to abandonment and neglect. Not quite sure who actually owns any of the remaining ruins or land - but I bet they are worth a pretty penny now. Apparently only 2 villas in the area have been totally restored and are now used as guesthouses.

Luck was on our side and we managed to locate 2 of the ruined villas that have graffiti by ROA on them. ROA is a world famous graffiti artist from Belgium who is mostly commissioned for his graffiti and it can be seen in many countries all over the world. So we found 2 of the 3 villas he has drawn on here. One a giant centipede the other a giant praying mantis.

Back to the hotel for a quick swim then we headed down to the crab market for some freshly cooked crabs for lunch. Again the little buggers are tiny but very sweet and enjoyable. Continuing around the waterfront road we were in search of 3rd ROA graffiti but never seemed to be able to locate it. We stopped and asked tuk tuk drivers but they either didn't know what we were talking about or tried to direct us to the one we had already seen. As we were close to the bus station we stopped to buy bus tickets for our trip to Kampot tomorrow.

Lyn and I wanted to go and visit the Tree Top resort as it was the place we stayed last time we were in Kep 5 years ago. At the time the resort was just about to open and we were the first guests. Wow the place had really come ahead and was now well out of our price range.

Just up the hill from our N4 hotel was the Veranda Resort. Very nice and expensive place, but our Crab Kitchen lady had suggested we go there to watch the sunset from the bar. Much to our excitement they had happy hour cocktails 2 for the price of 1. The cocktails here were a little more expensive than what we usually pay at US$4.50 but at 2 for 1 they worked out at only US$2.25 each, and they were some of the best we have had to date. The view more than made up for the extra in the cost and we sat there sipping luscious liquor while dreaming of a time when we might be rich enough to stay in a posh place like this. At least the happy hour cocktails are affordable for even us backpackers.

Having watched the sun sink and downing US$18 worth of cocktails (that's just 2 each) we start up the bikes to discover that the headlights did not work. Ah fun fun, now just to ride down a dirt track with a pillion on a bike with no lights after 2 fantastic cocktails. Needless to say we made it home with the aid of the indicator lights blinking and suppling intermittent light.

After a brief stop in our rooms, we climbed onto the blinded bikes again to head out for dinner. Lucky for us and on coming traffic the Crab Kitchen is just a short distance away and a good portion of it was lit up by street lights.

A last enjoyable meal at the Crab Kitchen. We got talking to Russian couple that were also at the same restaurant last night and although their English was limited we still managed to have a few laughs. They live in Siberia and from what we could gather the middle of Siberia - the middle of nowhere. They even bought us a round of pina coladas which was very nice.

Before taking the dark ride home again we purchased some of the famous Kampot pepper from our lovely hostess. Lots of places are selling this black stuff, so we may as well buy it here as we'd had such a nice experience dining the last few days.

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