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Battambang, hot dusty and where the hell is it?

To hot to do much and we are battling fatigue and illness.


I woke up still feeling a little illish after yesterdays upset and lingered in bed until 11am when the hotel staff came up to move us down a few floors to a cheaper room at US$20. We should have stayed in the flasher room for the extra $5 but I was too ill to try and sort this so just packed up and moved from one bed to the other.

It was late afternoon by the time we left the hotel for some food. The other ladies had been swimming I think. Found a restaurant not far and ordered food. I was feeling much better and ready to eat something a little more substantial, when suddenly Lyn got up and said she was feeling dodgy and was returning to the hotel, please bring her meal back when we come.
On our return, Lyn was asleep and slept the rest of the day. Seems to be a weird little bug is going around us.

It's very hot here in Battambang and we all seem to be a little weary and lethargic. Robyn and Dolly are still both fighting off colds they have had for a few days, so we all just had a rest in our rooms for the rest of the day.

Later in the evening Dolly & Robyn went out and bought some snack supplies that was our dinner. Hope we are all feeling a little better and brighter tomorrow.


We had breakfast at our hotel this morning. Dolly was not happy with the eggs she was served and due to a lack of communication available in a common language, decided to go into the kitchen and cook her own. And to show them how to cook sunny side up eggs for the next guest who may ask for them. Robyn had scrambled eggs to avoid the same fate.

Lyn was still feeling a little off, so she stayed in while Robyn, Dolly and I ventured out to have a ride on the bamboo railway. We paid a tuk tuk driver who was stalking us in the hotel lobby US$5 for the return journey to where the train started its round trip. When we were here last time the bamboo train was actually a transport that was used by the locals to get around. Now it seems to be a tourist trap, that leaves and returns from a set spot. The only others we encountered on the tracks were other tourists, which was a bit of a shame if this mode of transport has been taken away from the locals. Last time when Lyn and I rode the rails, we were the only tourists and all the other carriages were occupied by locals moving from one place to another.

However, it was still an experience and I guess not bad at US$5 per person for a 20 minute each way journey on this unique form of transport. And we did get to see the disassembly and reassembly of the bamboo carriages. The ride took us through the countryside at a speed fast enough for our hair to be flapping in the wind. Also fast enough to cause a bit of a welcomed breeze to aid with the heat off the day. The one way ride finished conveniently at a small group of shops where we managed to do a bit of retail therapy. I bought a singlet top advertising the bamboo railway and a dress bargaining heavily with the tiny sales lady until we agreed on a price we were both willing to accept.

On the way back to the hotel our tuk tuk driver stopped to buy some super glue to fix my shoe. The sole of my sandal is coming away and I asked if he knew where I could buy some glue. Not only did he buy the glue for me, but took the shoe and fixed it there and then as well. All with a smile, great service. We also asked him to take us back via the bus station so we could purchase bus tickets to go to Phnom Penh tomorrow and he did this with a smile also. Nothing is too much for these guys and he was happy with the US$1 tip we gave him at the end.

It had been a very hot day and a dip in the hotel swimming pool was very refreshing for us after being out on the railway.

We had our last dinner at White Rose Restaurant, Lyn managed to come out and eat. But now Dolly was bed ridden as she has managed to through out her back riding on the unsupported bamboo carriage.

There is a lot more to see in Battambang, but we seem to be too hot and fatigued staying in this town so we are heading to the capital.


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