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3 American Airline flights later.... Sydney to Los Angeles to Miami to Panama City

Our itinerary for the next 26 hours is:

14 hour flight Sydney to Los Angeles - 3 hour stopover
5 hour flight Los Angeles to Miami - 1 hour stopover
3 hour flight Miami to Panama City

Funny, with the time difference we actually depart Sydney Wed 8th Feb at 11.15am and arrive in Panama City Wed 8th Feb at 8.30pm so its gunna be a hell of a long day.


Not much sleep last night, but will be able to catch up on the plane. Up early to get a coffee before Sarah phoned us an UBER to take us to the airport at 8 o'clock. Didn't want to risk the time it might take on the bus and much easier in a car with our luggage. We made good time to the airport and both our checked in bags were under the allowed 20kg, just under but under, which eases my check in stress.

We had a coffee and ate our breakfast before going through immigration.


Wow, compared to Brisbane airport Sydney airport is well - actually there is no comparison. Brisbane looks like a country town airport compared to Sydney which is up there with big international airports. Funny.

Lucky for us the flight was not fully booked and we managed to get a row of 3 seats each. It was raining when we took off, and farewelled Australia for 9 months. I watched a couple of movies, which I can't even remember anymore and had a couple of naps stretched out across the 3 seats. Which with my height is still laying in foetal position, but better than trying to sleep sitting upright. Apparently Lyn didn't sleep at all, so is nodding off here as we wait at the departure gate.

We are now in LAX waiting for our flight to Miami. It's raining here, looks pretty miserable outside. We had to go through US immigration rigmarole here which only took 20 mins, then collect our luggage and take it to the transit belt. Only 3 hours to kill between flights so won't be too bad, then 5 hour flight to Miami.


Ok, Miami airport is huge. We disembarked at gate 20 and had to walk to gate 38 which took like 20 minutes. I thought Miami would be relatively small, but no it is not. The only language I can hear from everyone around us is Spanish. Even the spruikers for the restaurants are yelling at us in Spanish.

I slept most of the last flight, started to watch a movie but crashed about 10 minutes in. Not sure about Lyn but I'm feeling pretty shattered. We have only one hour here and the last leg is our shortest. Nearly there.


There seemed to be a delay in taking off in Miami which resulting in our flight arriving an hour later than usual. I had pre booked a taxi and 'Super Mario' - a man built well suited to his name was standing at the departure door with a sign quoting my name. Thank goodness for forethought.

Super Mario gestured to the car park machine and advised us to wait. Minutes later he returned and we walked outside into the hot, humid night which gave us a taste of what the day is going to heat us up in tomorrow. Loaded the bags into his taxi, an beat up Hiyundai Accent, climbed in the back and we were on our way to the hostel. The taxi tic tic'd its way all along the motorway through 2 toll ways and finally arriving at our accommodation 20 mins later. US$35 for the quick trip may seem a little steep and over budget but the peace of mind and no hassle was worth every dollar, especially at this time of night. I asked Lyn (who is more mechanically aware of motor vehicles than I am) what might be causing the very load tic tic sound coming from the vehicle. Her being full of knowledge answered me with 'I'm not sure, I think it's just fucked'. OK that did actually make sense of the sound.

Hospedaje Casco Viejo US$30 per night.
Check into the hostel was easy, with the young guy behind the counter advising there was beer and water in the fridge for US$1 each as he handed over the key and showed us our room which was 2 seconds up the hall. We have a street room that has a double and single bed, ensuited with toilet and cold shower (sure we are not going to want a hot one anyway) and this is home for the next 6 nights. It might be a little street noisy but I don't think it is going to bother us tonight.


Bags in the room, we grabbed a one dollar beer from the fridge and headed up to the roof top for a nightcap. We sat chatting with some other hostel guests and enjoyed another beer. Not too bad tasting these beers btw.


Back to the room for a cooling shower and it was still almost one am by the time I finished typing this and we were off to bed.

Tomorrow we start exploring.

Posted by Cindy Bruin 21:58

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