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Is the end of the line for some!

Thursday 9th July 2015 (day sixty-six)

Rudesheim to Wiesbaden

Dry by the morning, we packed up camp after a quick breakfast and finally rode out of Rudesheim, via the Rewe supermarket for our usual slab of meat on a roll for lunch.

It was a little cooler as I wore my jacket for the first hour of riding. Our destination today is Wiesbaden, which is on the other side of Mainz. Again an easy ride and the last ‘longish’ ride for the Lemons who will be farewelling their bikes and their cycling holiday goodbye.

The campground we were looking for was a little hard to find because it was actually a canoe club with caravan storage attached. Toni went in and managed to get the information from the owner that yes it was a campground and yes there were hot showers and toilets – we used the facilities of the club house and yes it was only 5 euro per person per night, no extra for tents. Cheapest camp site since Groede in Holland.

After we set up our tents and unloaded the bikes we headed off for a ride into Mainz. Lucky for us there was a KD kiosk on the way so we could stop and have a cheap Radler. Love these KD kiosks.

Riding over the bridge into Mainz was like the official end to our cycling trip. And a proud achievement. We had a few bumps, delays and a sad accident along the way which will scar the trip, but all in all it went pretty good. Well I think so anyway. The weather was mostly kind to us, we don’t have a lot to complain about there. Riding into Mainz we wanted to find where the railway station is as this is where the Lemons will be leaving from on Saturday. This is where Lyn and I would have been training down to Switzerland also, but plans have changed.

Train station found, we walked the rounds of the surrounding hotels deciding our last night together would be spent in a hotel as a treat.
We then did a lap of the centre of Mainz, of course there is the usual churches and cathedral that you are supposed to visit but we gave these a miss as there have been so many already.

Riding back over the bridge heading back to camp, of course there was a stop at the KD kiosk where we joined the local bums in having a cheap afternoon beer. Fitting in like locals we are!

Back at camp I was struck down with the start of a migraine and oops who is the pill carrier when we travel? Lyn of course, so I had nothing with me to take to ease the pain in my head. Toni had a couple of headache pills that I gulped down and a rub of the migraine stick (that’s April – I’m still using the one you gave me) and I was in bed before 6pm. Lemons were ready for dinner at 7.30 and I attempted to look at the menu but went back to the tent to sleep instead. Good choice for me.

Friday 10th July 2015 (day sixty-seven)


It was cold last night, not sure if it was so because I was ill or if it was a low temp, but it was cold. I will be grateful for our hotel bed tonight, as my head is still not 100%.

We packed up camp, the Lemons for the last time.

Riding into Mainz we stopped at the KD kiosk and the shop keeper already had the fridge door open and was looking at me saying ‘drei Radler?’ Yes please, see we are locals, the shop keep already know what we want.

This was going to be our last Rhine Radler also!


We found our way easily to the hotel we booked yesterday and it was after 12pm so we were able to book in. We pushed the loaded bike through the foyer into a little courtyard at the back where they would be stored for the night. The owner lady followed us and Toni asked if she wanted their bikes. The woman seemed a little confused at first but then after Toni explained they were going home and would just be leaving them at the train station the woman agreed to take them. Problem of bike disposal solved.

All the bikes were unloaded and all our gear was taken upstairs to be sorted and repacked.

We had a pretty relaxing day, lazing in our room chewing up the internet. We did venture out to get some lunch at a local kebab place and of course found a kiosk selling cheap Radler. Later in the afternoon Lemons managed to get all their gear back into the two bags they came out with, plus just a few items of mine that I wanted to get rid of.

Time flies when you’re doing nothing and before we knew it, it was 8pm and time to venture out to find dinner. A quick visit to the supermarket found me a half cooked chook and a salad to devour back at the hotel. Lemons went for a Vietnamese meal, which also hit the spot. We had a TV in our room but of course all programs were German or dubbed in German, not even CNN or BBC to catch up on what’s happening in the world.

Saturday 11th July 2015 (day sixty-eight)

Mainz to Bacharach

Breakfast was included in our room rates so we again ate like there was no tomorrow to get our money’s worth.

Check out was at 11.30 which gave me just enough time to cram all my stuff back into panniers and load my bike up. Funny doing this solo, as the other 2 bikes sat empty, no doubt adjusting to their new home and adopted country.

Lemons left their bags in the foyer and I left my loaded bike in the courtyard as we all ventured to the supermarket together for the last time to get lunch supplies. I wanted a meat roll for the days ride and Lemons picked up the same to have on their train journey today. They are heading off to the German Moto GP and then fly out of Frankfurt on Monday.

OK the time had come for the last selfie pic of the 3 of us and then it was kisses and hugs goodbye and time for me to ride off. My journey continues alone for a little while now.


And then there was one …

My immediate plan is to head back to Koblenz where I will be storing my bike for a few weeks as I take some time off the saddle. I still have 10 days to ride before I fly out and will stay close to the Rhine. The weather is nice and the riding is easy.

It was a hot one today, my exit out of Mainz was on the opposite side of the river to the one we rode in on. Unfortunately, the path was not near the river or shaded at all. And then I missed the campground where I had planned on spending the night. Not wanting to back track I just rode on to the next one which was at Bacharach. Same campsite we spent last weekend at, so it was familiar to me, but a few more k’s than what I had planned on pedalling. Not to worry, I was putting up the tent by 3pm and swimming in the Rhine by 4pm. That was a nice cool down. By 5pm I was drinking a cold Radler from the wurst kiosk and by 5.10pm I was necking the second one. One good thing about returning to a place you have been before, you know your way around and where the cold cheap beers are. Even some of the campers who were here last week, smiled and said hello welcome back.

I managed to pick up a couple of English novels at the campground in Rudesheim a few days ago so I spent the rest of the afternoon / evening lolling around reading. Very relaxing. Come 8pm I decided to take a walk up to the castle that is here in Bacharach, didn’t manage it last time due to the storm we had when I wanted to head up. Going at this time of night is much cooler and as it’s not dark until 10pm there is still heaps of daylight left. The castle is actually a youth hostel (which is booked out months in advance). Pretty cool, and great views from the top. It only took 10 minutes to climb the 356 steps. I splashed out and had a Radler beer up there, was going to eat also but the food was finished already and was nothing exciting anyway.

Strolling back down the steps decided to shout myself an ice cream, but that shop was closed already also. Job for tomorrow.

Back at camp I had rations for dinner, left overs donated by the Lemons, cup of noodles and schlong, coffee then bed as it is now close to 11pm. (thanks so much for leaving the electric kettle with me, even if it does take 20 minutes to boil) so much easier than digging out and setting up the gas cooker.

Funny today as I was riding, I caught myself turning around a few times to check on my pedalling buddies, only to remember they are no more. So yes you guys were missed today. And you know how I had to drink alone, but this one I have managed to get over.

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Good luck for the rest of your trip, hope Lyn is recovering

by carole,David & bill

thanks guys, where are you? in France for the summer?

by Cindy Bruin

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